Jon Damon's Going Away Present

Jon and his wife moved back to Colorado, this is the "present" he got before he left...


Larry's Party!

Here's some pix from Larry's Party. At least one is "incriminating", don't let his wife know!


You always need the appropriate party balloons!!!


I'm not sure what Larry's looking at here, but it sure isn't in the same direction I'M looking! He MUST be getting old!

As always, Larry takes the cake!


Older Pix

This is a work in progress.  Karri has been busily going around taking pictures of some of the dedicated men and women who go out and risk their lives to save other people.  Here is the first batch of pictures.

Jarrod and Scott ready to start another shift.

Terry with Bob and Dave scoping out Scott's car. 

Ok so we aren't always saving lives!

2 of the old farts at ASM, Bill and me.

At least this group is not standing on it's head.

Dispatch central with the new computerized dispatching.

Thanks to one of the newbies for the idea of using Front Page to rotate the pictures.  Now we are all standing upright not on our heads.  Hopefully Karri's next batch of pictures will come out in the right direction.




The 2001 Thanksgiving Day Manchester Road Race EMS Cycle Team


The "Gator" Team from the 2001 Manchester Road Race


















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